Manhattan Beach Lifestyle

An Introduction to Manhattan Beach Real Estate:

The quality of beaches and surf in Manhattan Beach as well as public recreational amenities such as the Strand and public beach volleyball courts for exercising along the beachfront make Manhattan Beach a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts that love beach activities.  The combination of these beach lifestyle activities also being walking distance to trendy restaurants and bars and chic boutiques all contribute to  Manhattan Beach being the quintessential Los Angeles beach town.  Pristine natural beauty abounds in this tranquil beachfront setting where the Manhattan Beach luxury homes meet some of Southern California’s finest white sand beaches.  Nature is still prolific in this part of Los Angeles with pods of dolphins playing in the surf, flocks of Pelicans flying in formation, and a plethora of other sea-life visible and appreciated by Manhattan Beach residents on a daily basis.  This exclusive enclave of Manhattan beach houses for sale sets the landscape for the enviable beach lifestyle that only owners of Manhattan beach houses get to enjoy.
The Geography of Manhattan Beach Real Estate:
Manhattan Beach is located just South of El Segundo and Playa del Rey and just North of Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach along Los Angeles’ South Bay coastline.  The Manhattan Beach homes are situated on or close to Manhattan Beach, arguably Los Angeles’ widest and nicest beach.  The topography of Manhattan Beach real estate is a gradual rise in elevation as one moves inland from the beach which created an idyllic landscape for developers of Manhattan Beach homes for sale.  There exists a form of “stadium seating” amongst the Manhattan Beach houses for sale such that each Manhattan Beach home as you move farther inland from the beach is slightly more elevated than the one before it, such that most all of the Manhattan Beach houses for sale enjoy panoramic ocean views ranging from Point Dume in Malibu to the North to Palos Verdes Peninsula to the South.  Manhattan Beach encompasses approximately ten square miles and at the heart and center of Manhattan Beach is Manhattan Beach Blvd. which dead ends into the Manhattan Beach Pier.  The Manhattan Beach pier is an icon of Manhattan Beach real estate and is bordered on either side with popular restaurants, bars, and trendy boutique shops.  One aspect of Manhattan Beach’s geography that makes it such a popular place to live is its close proximity to LAX for those needing to travel often, Manhattan Beach is a very convenient as well as an incredibly beautiful place to call home.

The Climate of Manhattan Beach Real Estate: 
The Climate of Manhattan Beach is one of the best if not the best of any beach town in the Los Angeles area and perhaps amongst all of Southern California. Outside of “June Gloom” which many local Manhattan Beach residents nick name the time of year around June when fog is prevalent, Manhattan Beach real estate enjoys sunshine year round.  Being a resident in a Manhattan Beach house means living in one of the most temperate and desirable climates in the USA.  It is rare to find a day on any Manhattan Beach property not in or extremely close to the 60-s to 70’s and in the Summer time Manhattan Beach enjoys many days well into the 80s.

The Culture of Manhattan Beach Real Estate: 
The culture amongst Manhattan Beach home owners is that of low key, barefoot elegance attitude and an avid love for the natural beach wonderland which makes Manhattan Beach houses for sale so valuable and sought after. Beach culture in Manhattan Beach pervades. Manhattan Beach has an old charm idyllic “beach town” feel where residents of Manhattan Beach are active and exercising daily and can also walk or ride their beach cruiser to dine or shop at the many local eateries and boutiques.  Manhattan Beach has seen a lot or revitalization and investment over the last couple of decades with older dated Manhattan Beach homes being torn down and replaced with modern luxury Manhattan Beach homes.  Additionally, a lot of new trendy higher end gourmet restaurants and bistros have been added so that “foodies” that want to live in a beach town have ample fine dining options to choose from. One thing all Manhattan Beach home owners share in common is a love for beach living and a sense of being part of the very special Manhattan Beach community.

The Diversity of Manhattan Beach Real Estate for Sale: 
Manhattan Beach Properties come in many shapes and forms.  The Manhattan Beach houses for sale range greatly in value and size ranging from beachfront estate homes on the Strand to Manhattan Beach town homes to Manhattan Beach apartments.  The Manhattan Beach Strand homes are situated on the “Strand” which is a walking path separating Manhattan Beach houses for sale from the Manhattan Beachfront.  Whilst most Manhattan Beach homes have ocean views, some of the Manhattan Beach homes do not, but all Manhattan Beach homes for sale are in close proximity to the beach.  

The Recreation in Manhattan Beach Real Estate: 
A mecca for the outdoor enthusiast, Manhattan Beach offers its residents a private beach sanctuary in which to enjoy the best of what Manhattan Beach’s natural wonderland has to offer.  Manhattan Beach surfing is some of Southern California’s most epic and consistent surf from the Manhattan Beach pier right up to El Porto.  When the weather brings wind making the waves too choppy to surf, the kite surfing becomes the choice for the adventurous.  Manhattan Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarding is also a popular and growing Manhattan Beach oceanfront activity.  Beach volleyball is very prevalent within Manhattan Beach both for novices as well as Manhattan Beach being home to professional beach volleyball players that can be seen training on a daily basis.   Many Manhattan Beach residents take advantage of the walking and running path on The Strand, as well as the beachfront cycling path, and the beach itself for leisurely walks or more aggressive beach runs.

The Restaurants in Manhattan Beach Real Estate:
Manhattan Beach has a wide range of many great dining options available ranging from casual to award winning fine dining restaurants.  A few of the recommended dining options from Manhattan Beach Real Estate include:
  1. Post:  American fine dining with small shared plates.  A soulful and lively ambience and delectable menu has been created by Chef and co-owner David LeFevre:
  2. Rock N Fish:  An award winning Manhattan Beach seafood restaurant.  This is a lively dining spot very close to the Manhattan Beach pier with an enclosed patio.  Some highlights include oak grilled fish as well as Cajun inspired menu items as well:
  3. Tin Roof Bistro:  Home to a mahogany bar and Spanish Santa Barbara style of architecture, Tin Roof is simply some of the best food available anywhere in Manhattan Beach.  Whilst a casual atmosphere, the chef inspired cuisine and detail oriented service distinguishes this eatery.  Chef Anne has taken “every day comfort foods” and transformed them to a gourmet level.  This restaurant feels like a wine country local hang out.
  4. Simmzys:  A local casual pub serving artisan foods, micro beers and small production wines. This pub is located centrally on Manhattan Beach Blvd just up from the pier. This restaurant is committed to providing locally grown seasonal produce for its menu:
  5. Café Pierre:  For thirty successful years this restaurant has been a benchmark for fine dining in Manhattan Beach.  Café Pierre features contemporary cuisine with French influences make Café Pierre a popular fine dinging restaurant.  There is an elegant sense of familiarity and ambience associated with this boutique restaurant.
  6. Strand House:  Right on the beach at the North side of the Manhattan Beach pier, the Strand House is a recently remodeled indoor / outdoor restaurant and bar.  The chefs present a colorful menu of “modern heirloom”.  Fresh produce and trendy décor make the Strand House a local favorite.

The Schools Available within Manhattan Beach Real Estate:
Manhattan Beach is home to award winning schools that ranked third in the State of California.  Forbes magazine ranked Manhattan Beach School District sixth in the nation last year in its second annual “Best Schools for Your Real Estate Buck list”.  Manhattan Beach schools compete with virtually all public school districts in the country and are available to children within all Manhattan Beach communities.  To learn more about the award winning schools within Manhattan Beach, please refer to the website for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District:


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